Altamura is a wholesome land rich in history, and it’s also the location of a new pet food factory: VINCENT.

This is a name that evokes strength, virtue, health, vigour, and energy. These are the characteristics that distinguish the new plant and its products.
Our only goal: pet care. The perfect balance between the desire for innovation, respect for tradition, and devotion to work has brought the Lanzone family to create such a facility.
An exciting new challenge for the family that has worked in the field for thirty years with the brand Meridiana Agri, and who knows its dynamics very well.

Pet food is a very selective field, where only the best can survive.
To be part of the best, it is necessary to choose raw materials of the highest quality, to operate an efficient organization, to ensure product safety and environmental awareness. Nutritionists and breeders play an important role on Vincent’s staff: this combination of practical and technical expertise is a perfect combination for producing the best pet food.